# Wolfeo API

The Wolfeo API allows you to use Wolfeo as part of your production and website. The API provides a limited access to some of Wolfeo's features and functions. This API is subject to change and will be improved over time.

# Getting Started

The Wolfeo API is a RESTful API that returns a JSON response. Communication is via HTTPS and an API Secret Key. An API Secret Key can be created in your settings inside your Wolfeo account.

# API Limits

The API has some limitations as below.

Contacts limitations:

  • Up to 2k Contacts can be added (START and PRO users).
  • Up to 10k Contacts can be added (ELITE users).

API calls limits:

  • 10 calls per second or 600 per minute.

If you want to send more than 10 calls per second, you should consider to create your own queue. Wolfeo WILL REJECT any calls above these limits.

# Creating a Secret Key

The first step in order to communicate with the Wolfeo API is to generate your secret api key. To do so, you MUST HAVE a Wolfeo paid account. The API won't work with free trial user accounts.

Log in to your Wolfeo account and then go to Settings then API.

Click on the Generate API key button to create your API key.

You can choose a name for your API key as you wish (optional):

And finally click on Generate to see your API key.

# Connecting

Now that you have successfully generated your API key you can start to communicate with the API.

Here's an example of how you can communicate:

curl --request GET "https://api.wolfeo.me/api?demokey"

If the connection is successful, the API will return

    "success": true,
    "email": "admin@wolfeo.me"

the email returned is the email associated with the account the API key belongs too.